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Majoras revenge!!!
• 10/21/2014

Is Hallows Maleficent dead?

I think I killed this wiki.

It's largely my fault for going on hiatus right after founding it. I should've waited a bit longer, given everyone time to plan a bit more, but instead, I tried to launch an underfueled rocket and it crashed. Now, any users besides (and including) myself who remain are staring at the screen with no idea what to do.

I myself don't really have any ideas about what to do, so I suggest we go back to GC and do a bit more brainstorming on what we want out of this project. I'd say we delete the wiki and wait to launch a new one, but you guys put so much work into the coding I don't have the heart. Instead, we'll put it on hold and come back to it later. This time, we'll have a battle plan.

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Majoras revenge!!!
• 12/5/2014


Hallows Maleficent wiki

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