• TheReturnOfTheKing

    "Hello, all! The king has returned to reclaim his throne of bureaucracy! Except… damn, I can't see the throne through all this… fog… what's tha-"

    - Last known words of TheReturnOfTheKing before his mysterious disappearance.

    Seriously, though, hi everyone! I'm back! And not a moment too soon, it appears, for it doesn't look like anybody's here. It's kind of spooky…

    I feel that I left at a highly inopportune time, for which I apologize. The sabbatical didn't go well, and my goal of spending very little time on the iPad fell through, so I reasoned if I was going to spend lots of time on the iPad, I might as well do something productive. Therefore, I'm going back to editing here.

    I just want to tell you guys, the wiki looks awesome! Like, seriously,…

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  • WikiBuilder1147

    Hello, and welcome to the first issue of The Hallowed Times, Hallows Maleficent's irregularly published newspaper! Here is the latest horrific news as of the 3rd August 2014.

    Not too long ago, TheReturnOfTheKing founded this wiki! there anything more to say?

    So far we haven't created any more pages, so...create more!

    That's all for this issue. Stay tuned for the next issue of The Hallowed Times, coming...err...soon-ish?

    WikiBuilder1147 (Infinite Histories • Galactic Crucibles • The Sims Wiki • Memory Alpha • Memory Gamma • Why I'm here in the first place) 07:57, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

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